Thesis on integrated weed management in cowpea

Integrated, weed, management, greengram abstract: a field experiment entitled “studies on integrated weed management in greengram (vigna radiata l)” was conducted during kharif, 2013-14 at student farm, college of agriculture, rajendranagar. Integrated weed management in seedling alfalfa • keep records on a weed survey form for next spring's weed management decisions monitor cowpea and spotted alfalfa aphids • consider border or strip harvest to preserve natural enemies • keep records on a monitoring form. Identified (6) cowpea varieties resistant to bmsbs and the cowpea curculio 5 varieties for cover crop and weed suppression which will be included in the usda-nrcs national soil health initiative 4 varieties for direct human consumption, livestock feed and forage. The program is designed to produce graduates with comprehensive, multidisciplinary training in integrated pest management (ipm) of insect, plant disease, and weed pests of agricultural, commercial, and home commodities. Cowpea curculio management an integrated pest management (ipm) plan is needed in order to minimize cowpea curculio infestations ipm relies on a combination of strategies to effectively suppress pest populations.

A field experiment was carried out during at kharif season of 2012 to access the effect of weed management practices on seed yield and nutrient uptake by crop and weeds in cowpea. Cowpea production training manual international institute of tropical agriculture manual series no11 1982 weed control 55 chapter 8: principles and concepts in plant breeding 65 cowpea is the most important pulse in tropical africa,. 2 review of literature the literature pertinent to the present investigation entitled, “effect of integrated nutrient management on yield, quality and soil properties in pea-okra system in an acid. So integrated weed management is better option and cowpea grower combine cultural practices with suitable pre and post herbicides like as pendimethalin, quizalofop-ethyl and imazethapyr to get similar return as weed free plot.

In proc int workshop on integrated pest control in grain legumes goiania, brazil (edited by matteson, p c) cicp , california jackai , l e n ( 1991 ) laboratory and screen house assays for evaluating cowpea resistance to the legume pod borer. Integrated weed management for vegetables nilda roma burgos professor, weed science crop, soil & environmental sciences university of arkansas, fayetteville weed management iron clay cowpea preplant activities • no-tillage, minimum tillage options • crop-dependent • need to be done in conjunction with herbicides, or. Cover crop mixtures for integrated weed and nitrogen management daniel brainard department of horticulture daniel brainard, department of horticulture, michigan • improved n fixation of cowpea • reduced n fixation of soybean jm/cowpea potentially good daniel brainard, department of horticulture, michigan state university. Weed management is an important factor that influences the economic importance of cowpea as a cheap source of food and income for many farmers a study was conducted to evaluate economic benefits of weed management methods used singly or in an integrated approach, and to understand the influence of.

Weed management in cowpea has been with low technology hand weeding is the most widely used weed control method in cowpea but they are usually expensive and labour intensive cultural practices such as narrow row spacing and planting of early maturing varieties are also used for weed control in cowpea. Integrated weed management (iwm) offers an alternative to a system that relies solely on herbicides and therefore iwm systems are less likely to select for herbicide resistance (blackshaw et al 2008. Studies on integrated weed management in sorghum ramakrishna, a and ong, c k and reddy, s l n (1991) studies on integrated weed management in sorghum tropical pest management, 37 (2) pp 159-161. The system approach or integrated weed management is new concept in controlling the weeds, in variation with the conventional method for sustainable agriculture.

Thesis on integrated weed management in cowpea

Thesis no: researcher: guide: title: class: department: year: krishikosh link: t00009: sondge, vd khattar, kd the effect of varying spacing & nitrogen level on the groth yield and quality of american cotton variety h-4 under rainfed condition. Thesis submitted to the faculty of the integrated pest management practices emphasize minimal use of pesticides in controlling pests, and their adoption by farmers can reduce the use of table 422: comparison of pest occurrence and control efforts among sorghum, cowpea. The control of weed, pest and disease complexes in cowpea (vigna unguiculata (l) walp) by the application of pesticides singly and in combination. Integrated pest management in ornamentals information kit reprint – information current in 2000 reprint information – please read for updated information please call 13 25 23 or visit the website wwwdeediqldgovau.

  • We conclude that root-knot nematode-resistant cowpea is an effective cover crop for protecting susceptible vegetable crops grown under irrigation, and its beneficial effects are enhanced by incorporation of its green biomass.
  • 2) weed management in horticultural crops: a conference on weed management was sponsored by both ashs and wssa in orlando, fl, feb 6-7, 1997 the conference covered all of the horticultural crops, with expert speakers from across the country.

Integrated weed management in kharif maize at farmers field in central punjab the above facts the present investigation was planned to study the effect of intercropping of cowpea on weed management in kharif maize documents similar to 13 ijasr - integrated weed management in kharif maize weed control sunflower uploaded by papucica. I history: cowpea (vigna unguiculata l walp), an annual legume, is also commonly referred to as southern pea, blackeye pea, crowder pea, lubia, niebe, coupe or frijolecowpea originated in africa and is widely grown in africa, latin america, southeast asia and in the southern united states. Inheritance of resistance to alectra vogelii in cowpeas (vigna unguiculata [l] walp)mbwando ally a dissertation submitted to the university of zambia in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of the master of science in plant breeding and.

thesis on integrated weed management in cowpea Sowing at wider row spacing, severe infestation of weeds integrated weed management provides effective weed is observed in pigeonpea which results in low grain yield management in pigeonpea [4-6] and cowpea (15.
Thesis on integrated weed management in cowpea
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